Prayer Praises and Concerns



When we invoke the name of Jesus in our prayers, it is far, far more declarative and final, like the drop of a judge’s gavel. We are using the authority of the ruler of all galaxies and realms to enforce the power of what we have just prayed.” John Eldridge

Please continue to pray…

  • For the many lives impacted by our spring storms, flooding and tornados
  • For safety of students, teachers, and staff as they embark on their summer recess
  • For the political agendas that divide or nation be put to rest, so our leaders begin addressing the weight issues of our times
  • For the unborn
  • For our military and their families
  • For our emergency service personnel
  • For the Reformed Church in America, who will be gathering in Holland this week, and tackling issues that will define us as a denomination
  • For Elder Medema who will be representing the Classis of Southwest Michigan at these all important meetings

” Prayer is more effective when we get several people agreeing with us.  This is not to say our personal prayers do not have great power.  They do! But let us also accept that the power of agreement in prayer, many people praying for the same prayer, is not to be overlooked.”                John Eldridge