Prayer Praises and Concerns



God is loving and powerful. We need His help. So we ask for help as best we know how. The rest is up to Him. After all, He’s God. God can do anything!” John Eldridge

Please continue to pray…

For all the students in our community who are graduating; may their celebrations be filled with joy, grant them safety, and give them a godly vision for their future.

For the families of our fallen police officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty this week

For tensions around the world, especially in Iran, to subside

For those who will be reminded of the sacrifices made for our freedoms as we come upon another Memorial Day

For the oppressed, the enslaved, and the persecuted Christians around the world

For our military and their families

“Power is no an issue with God. His resources are unlimited. Is this the Person you have in mind when you pray? You must turn your gaze in the direction of God, or something that reminds you just how powerful our God is.”                 John Eldridge