Prayer Praises and Concerns



On praying with authority….

We are after the kind of prayer that sees results. God promised us results if we pray according to His will, meaning – not just His general goodwill, or His loving desires, but His plans in the need before us.  We WILL see those plans fulfilled.”        John Eldridge

Please continue to pray…

  • For those impacted by the severe flooding in parts of our nation
  • For the people of California as the experience earthquakes
  • For civility and godliness in our national political discourse
  • For the plight of immigrants, their health and safety
  • For the courageous men and women of our border patrol
  • For the safety of our emergency services personnel
  • For  our military and their families

” The idea of prayer is not in order to get answers from God.  Prayer is perfect and complete oneness with God.”       Oswald Chambers