Founded in 1903 by the families of farmers and craftsmen who surrounded these acres that now make up the heart of the bustling City of Portage, First Reformed Church of Portage, has transitioned and grown in many ways over the last one hundred plus years.

The word “First” for us, reminds us to make sure that, as a church, we stay passionate about our “First Love” – Jesus Christ, and letting the world know about it.

“Reformed” refers to our reformed theology; a systematic, biblically supported view that helps us frame our understanding of God. It also refers to our historic ties to the Reformed Church in America, one of the oldest denominations in the USA.

The most important word in our name, however, is CHURCH. We’re a group of people, from all walks of life, from all kinds of families, with all kinds of joys and challenges, who come together to become the CHURCH. We all have different thoughts about our faith journey, all look to God’s Holy Word, The Bible, for truth about how to live and love, and we enjoy conversations about what it all means.

We’re a family-based church. A place where you’ll have some time and space to see where you’ll fit into God’s family and grow into the person God has called you to be.

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